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View our Online Catalog and Shopping Cart by clicking the link above. Please allow a few seconds for the shopping cart to load if you have a dial up connection. At we offer many parts kits for Military weapons as well as our favorite the AK-47. Here are some examples of the products we offer: NEW PARTS ARE IN!! The new AK-47 AK47 Receiver Rivet Kits are Outstanding!! AK-47 AK47 Receiver or blank Center Support Sleeve Bushing with Installation Rivet!! New Section on How to Rivet the AK-47 AK47 Receiver or blank the Easy way!!  Make sure you check out the NEW .045 Receiver Bend Blank! Yugoslavian AK-47 AK47 with Wood Stock Parts Kit and Yugoslavian AK-47 AK47 Parts kit with Underfolder Stock. These Parts kits start Shipping 1st March!! All Parts Except the Stamped receiver!! These Yugo AK-47 AK47 Parts kits are in very good condition. Reserve your Yugo AK-47 AK47 Parts kit today!!  Hungarian AMD-65 AK-47 AK47 Stamped receiver Parts kit, Hungarian AMD-63 Stamped receiver AK-47 AK47 parts kit, Bulgarian milled receiver AK-47 AK47 parts kit, Bulgarian AK-74 AK74 stamped receiver parts kit 5.45x39, Chinese Polytech MAK-90 milled receiver AK-47 AK47 parts kit, Chinese Polytech MAK-91 Milled receiver AK-47 AK47 parts kit,Chinese Polytech Pistol grip stock milled receiver AK-47 AK47 parts kit, Romanian Dragunov Romak III stamped receiver parts kit 7.62x54R (the big brother of the AK-47 AK47) Beretta model 12 SMG parts kit with cut receiver, Beretta model 38-A SMG parts kit with cut receiver, IMI UZI Parts kit with folding Stock and cut receiver sections, IMI UZI parts kit with wooden stock and cut receiver sections, UZI magazines, US MADE UZI receiver, Spanish CETME full auto rifle parts kit, CZ-26 Czech subgun parts kit in 7.62x25 saw cut receiver, Finnish Sten MK III Parts kit saw cut receiver parts kit, Sten MK III vinyl decal receiver template for Sten MK III receiver tube blank, Sten MK III receiver bolt kit replaces Sten MK III rivets, Sten 32 Round Magazines fit Sten MK II, Sten MK III, Sten MK V, Finnish Sten MK III Parts!! SAW CUT STENS!! Much better quality than the British Sten MK III parts. The Finnish Sten MK III kits are in excellent condition and not worn out like the British MK III Sten guns. FINNISH SUOMI M-31 Parts kit with cut receiver, Suomi M-31 36 round Magazine, Suomi M-31 71 round drum magazine, The Suomi M-31 is also a tube receiver gun like the STEN!! ,AK-47 AK47 receiver bolt kit, AK-74 AK74 receiver bolt kit, AK-47 AK47 receiver rivet kit, AK-74 AK74 receiver rivet kit, AK-47 AK47 receiver flat with bolt guide rails 80% complete, AK-74 AK74 receiver flat with bolt guide rails, AK-47 AK47 receiver bend blank mil spec, AK-47 AK47 receiver bend blank .045, AK-47 AK47 AK-74 AK74 receiver bend blank!!, Strong Receiver Bend Blank! AK-47 AK47 AK-74 AK74 receiver bolt guide rails, AK-47 AK47 full auto bolt carrier, AK-47 AK47 full auto bolt, AK-47 AK47 semi auto bolt carrier, AK-47 AK47 receiver top cover, AK-47 AK47 Full auto gas piston, AK-47 AK47 single hook trigger group, AK-47 AK47 double hook trigger group, Hungarian AMD-65 AK-47 AK-47 barrel, Hungarian AMD-63 AK-47 AK47 barrel, Chinese Polytech MAK-90 AK-47 AK47 barrel threaded for milled receiver , AK-47 AK-47 thread on muzzle brake, AK-47 AK47 thread on flash hider,AK-47 AK47 Hungarian AMD-65 Extended Muzzle Brake US Made Flash Hider, AK-47 AK47 wood stock kits, AK-74 AK74 wood stock kits, Polyteck MAK-90 AK-47 AK47 wood stock, Polytech MAK-91 AK-47 AK47 wood stock, Polytech MAK-91 AK-47 AK47 Stamped Receiver Parts kit, RPK 47 parts kit, RPK 47 40 round magazine, Hungarian AMD-65 AMD-63 AK-47 AK47 20 Round Magazine, AK-47 AK47 40 round magazine, RPK-47 & AK-47 AK47 75 round drum magazine, AK-47 AK47 SKS buttstock cleaning kit, SKS buttstock cleaning kit, AK-74 AK74 cleaning kit, 7.62 mm cleaning rod 19", AK-47 AK47 AK-74 AK74 scope rail mount, AK-47 AK47 AK-74 AK74 pistol grips, Dragunov scopes and much more!!! Coming soon...More Polish AK-47 AK47 stamped receiver underfolder parts kits Romanian AKM AK-47 AK47 Underfolder Parts Kits and Russian milled receiver AK-47 AK47 underfolder parts kits!! Russian wood stock milled receiver AK-47 AK47 parts kits too!! Romanian AK-47 AK47 military AK-47 AK47 stamped receiver rifle parts kits!! If you don't see the AK-47 AK47 or machinegun parts kit you need listed, email us and we'll try to locate something for you!! AK-47 AK47 and AK-74 AK74  receivers are readily available in the US! CHEAP! Email for info on how to obtain a Stamped Receiver for your AK-47 or AK-74 today!! New build sections that include How to install AK-47 receiver rivets the easy way! How to bend a AK-47 receiver flat without a bending jig!! US Required parts list!! History of the AK-47!! How to complete an AK-47 AK47 AK-74 , AK74 receiver bend blank! Coming soon, How to use a stamped receiver or bend blank to build a milled receiver parts kit. Bend Blank News: The New AK-47 AK47 AK-74 AK74 bend blank is in!! .045 Very Stiff Bend blank! Only the strongest high carbon sheet steel is used for our AK-47 AK47 bend blank. Compare our blank with the other guy's blank!! Our receiver  bend blank is pressed on a jig and not folded with a brake like some of the bend blanks on the market. Big Sale on the New receiver bend blank!

Who says an AK-47 isn't great for hunting? The gun grabbers truly want everyone to believe that the only use for an AK-47 is to shoot people!! That's kinda crazy. I guess they could say the same thing about a steak knife? I believe they need to lay off the Rambo movies (movies aren't real gun grabber people they're for entertainment) Maybe they should watch some outdoors sportsman shows instead. The AK-47 is a tried and true design that has proven resistant to water, weather exposure, dirt and rough treatment. This makes for an excellent hunting rifle!!
AK-47's available to the general public in the US are semi-auto firing. They fire 1 shot for 1 pull of the trigger. (Now that's not to say you can't own a full auto legally in the US because you can. If you want to part with about $8500.00 for a registered Class 3 weapon and $200.00 for the tax stamp and also go thru the background check of all background checks.) The AK ammo is smaller (7.62x39) and cheaper than any of the sporting rifles (commonly .308 7.62x51 or even the larger 30.06 round around $18 or more a box) And the AK ammo is usually around $3.00 per box.
  At we respect gun safety but we have no respect for the many groups that are trying to take guns from the hands of law abiding Americans. These anti-gun groups try to take away or restrict our weapons with the excuse "it's for the safety of our children", Let's remind them that more children are killed in the US each year from playing football than are killed by guns. Of course any death is tragic but they need to start on the most dangerous things to children and go from there if that's really their true agenda. Like building a safer infant car seat or safer football protective equiptment.. Is the real agenda is to disarm Americans and have a Government controlled population? (To Have Big Brother Watching?) Personally, I wanna live in a Country where the Government is controlled by and for the people, not in a Country where the Government controls the people by and for itself.  That didn't work in Russia and I don't see it working here either. Just my .02 Cents. Chris
How to Install AK-47 Receiver Rivets the Easy Way
How to Fold an AK-47 Receiver Flat without a Jig
How to Complete an AK-47 Receiver Bend Blank
History of the Russian AK-47 Rifle
Required US Parts List for AK-47 and Others